'Plein Air Painters New Zealand'

'En plein air’ - is a French expression, meaning in the open air.
Particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors. 



About Us

Plein Air Painters - New Zealand .     We consist of a variety of members from all walks of life, and consist of either total beginners, experienced, or professional artists.    

+   With the friendship of others, we participate in painting outdoors - preserving and sharing the landscape around us.     We would love to welcome new members to our Plein Air Painters Group here in Auckland.

+   We wish to promote/support all who paint 'en plein air' around New Zealand and have provided on this website contact details for plein air groups of which we are aware - if you know of others, please let us know and we will list them.

+   A FaceBook page has been set up specifically for displaying New Zealand plein air paintings. If you paint on location in New Zealand. or have done so, then you are able to display your paintings on that page.    

Bring your painting gear - a happy smile, and join with us to paint 'en plein air' on location.

We visit wonderful locations and have days/nights away.

Always wanted to?  Or wished  you had the time?    Do not live your life wishing 'you had'.    Make that decision now and join with us to enjoy amazing days out, away from the crazy world we live in - away from the stress of our world today.    

Of interest?

International plein air art

Amazing art

View selection plein air paintings from around the world . Wonderful artwork varying in all styles. From traditional to knife work.

Share your paintings

Paint on Location? Let others view your art

To a page set up specifically for all New Zealand plein air paintings. Whether a visitor to our shores or residents, if you paint on location, then share for others to enjoy..

New Zealand plein air art

plus ...  list your 'regular' PA group

Visit a  page specifically for New Zealand plein air art +  place details of your regular group there (we will also list on this site for you).

Paint out with us in Auckland

We would love to have you join with us to paint out in Auckland (as well as other parts of New Zealand). At times, due to our very 'temperamental' weather, we may need to cancel. This occurrence, of course, is part of painting 'en plein air' - something we all face as a plein air painter. Including cold, wind, sand, heat, bugs, etc.

We paint out approximately four times per month (or more). Members choosing the days more suitable for them. Including during the year spending time away at some superb locations. We have friendly, helpful members, always willing to assist and help those who are new and require a guiding hand.

Day and Nights Away

Superb locations

During the year a few days/nights are spent away. Baches are rented and we get together and enjoy painting at some very special places.

Exhibitions and Events

Exhibitions and outdoor events

Twice a year, we participate in events held on the waterfront in the Auckland area where we have the ability to offer for sale our paintings.

Visit Islands

Time out painting on loal islands

Various times through the year we visit local islands in the Hauraki Gulf of Auckland. Beautiful locations, offering spectacular scenery for us to paint.


After a time, you will be amazed at the incredible improvement in your studio work


Just a few - Members' paintings undertaken 'en plein air'


First exhibition
by our Plein Air Painters
in Auckland.
Excellent artwork was on display of iconic places.
These were paintings offered at realistic and affordable pricing.
Framed/unframed art as well as miniatures.

  This was held at Takapuna Art Supplies.


If you like your own space when painting - no worries. Your choice to be with others or select a place away and on your own.  We only ask you take the time to enjoy painting on location, to never look back and say 'you wished you had'.

We would love to welcome you to our magical world of 'En Plein Air' Painting.


Plein Air Groups

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Organiser: Richard Robinson. 
>>>  Web:

Organiser:  Jennifer Cruden
>>> Web:

Organiser: Jennie de Groot.
>>>   to be confirmed  

>>>     to be confirmed


>>>     Do   you   have   a   regular   plein   air   group ? -  then let others know and list on a page set up specifically for New Zealand plein air art.       From there, we will list your group's details above with others.