Love undertaking resin paintings of the sea with waves crashing and various colours in the ocean. Commissions accepted.


Displayed are resin paintings completed on either boards or canvases. If creating on boards the completed artwork may be slightly heavy as several layers of resin are applied during the process of painting.





Other resin art is currently being photographed.   Below are a few of the rounds I have completed. Mostly my resin art is now on cradled board in either squares or landscape shapes.

To view my other paintings, please visit Studio and plein air .
  • Bright - canvas 16x16 inches round (41 cms)
  • Transc clouds - board 16 x 16 inches round (41 cms)
  • Untitled - vinyl 12x12  round (30 cms)
  • Misty clouds - vinyl 12x12  round (30cms)
  • Gold/orange - vinyl 12x12 round 30cms)
  • Oceans mist - vinyl 12x12 round (30cms)
  • Looking up - board 12x12 inches (30x30cms)