Colour Passion pigments and pastes for resin

Designer Resin Art Colours - Colour Passion's aim is to supply the highest quality pigments to the market.  Produced by Colour Passion in Australia for the world market, with a product range of over 100. I am working with another in this venture, Philip Coetzee. Philip will be looking after the website and orders also.


5 Terre

   You will love stunning micas, fluros, metallics and more.


   Colour Passion Resin
   Pigments Available

From Pigment Paste to Pigment Powder including Fluros/Metals/Glitters and more. View all at website.   

These powders are able to also be used in your Fluid art for pours, swiping etc. Plus, amazingly, the gorgeous mica powders can be mixed in with oil painting products. Enjoy and be amazed at these gorgeous pigments.

colour-passion apple green pigment
colour-passion mint pigment
colour-passion cerise pigment
colour-passion orange pigment

   Art Resins Available

The four main artresins which I used and are specifically made for artists to use in their resin art are manufactured by Elichem in England/ These are Mastercast resib, Totalcast resin, Ultracast resin and Hi-Build.
Each art resin is high quality, made for a safety aspect and with no smell. Always read each manufacturer's details for their own resins details of which are on link provided below.

Each of these I use myself professionally, as well as teaching with and highly recommend each. Should you require resins for deep casting etc, please enquire, thank you.

Take note:
- When using with pigments/pastes or other colourants with heat or flame then a mask must be worn.
- Resin requires certain temperatures when using, always best to check on manufacturers websites for details on this.

Elichem's Ultracast

Longer working time, quite fluid. Superb product, also by Elichem. Use Ultracast for heat resistancy.

Elichem's - Mastercast resin, Totalcast resin and Ultracast resin

Are excellent ideal for resin art, geodes, resin bookmarks, resin coasters, etc, as good consistency. View details on these, including video on how to coat previous artwork
Note - Ultracast is the resin to purchase if requiring heat resistancy.

Mastercast 400g, 2kg, 4kg and 10kg  

... Order Elichem's products visit ResinandMore. Thank you.

View video to see Ultracast heat resistant resin.

... Order Elichem's products visit ResinandMore site. Thank you.


   Important -
   Please read

- Gloves are to be worn at all times, nitrile are best.
- Always use a respirator/mask with resin and also need to wear if you wish to sand any resin items.
- Safety goggles advisable to wear when using resin and heating. Eyes can absorb fumes.
- Ensure when you undertake resin to use in a well ventilated air flow room.
- If in contact with skin, wash with soap and water, a lot of soap and water. Shower gel is great for this (I use Radox one).
- Of course... do not eat, drink or smoke whilst working with resin.
- Be extremely careful if using a flame/torch, do not use near liquids which are flammable, ensure tops closed.
- If in contact with eye/s, wash eye/s for at least fifteen minutes and consult medical immediately.

If you use inks/paints/pastes/powders/micas/glitter/acrylics or any other colourants, these will change the properties of your resin which then may become toxic, therefore you must wear a mask.
If you use alcohol inks with resin - as these are alcohol... do not use a flame to remove bubbles.


  • Colour Passion round art on wall

    Colour Passion resin pigments, resin powders & resin pastes
    with Mastercast ArtResin

    Resin powders and pastes from Colour Passion
  • colourpassion-roundart

    Colour Passion pigments on 20x20inch round (50x50cms)

    Resin art with Colour Passion pigments, pastes and Mastercast resin