About Myself - Jennifer Cruden

Having a passion for painting with oils, both in the studio, as well as the challenge of painting outdoors on location, en plein aire, Jennifer Cruden's studio oils consist mainly of scenes of mountains and lakes in a traditional style. Her plein air paintngs are often undertaken at secluded getaway beaches.

Jennifer also has a love of resin. Producing bright, contemporary style modern artwork, ideal suited to the modern homes of today.

Often, her oil paintings will develop from recollections of places visited. Occasionally, a personal photograph will be used as a starting point, then re-arrangements and additions are made. As a consequence, the artwork may have a familiarity of somewhere recognisable, yet possess its own uniqueness.

Loving nature and the animals and wildlife around us, especially in beautiful New Zealand, Jennifer makes a special effort to paint in locations away from populated areas, where enjoyment can be had, undisturbed, with the sound of waves and nature.

To watch the tides roll in and out may seem mundane to others, however, it is part of becoming one with the world around us and the miraculous planet we have been given the privilege both to enjoy and look after.

Jennifer painting in the Blue Mountains of Australia en plein air

After many years and having developed her own style of painting, Jennifer decided to take time out for herself, travelling many times to Australia to participate in workshops with well-known Australian artists (Warwick Fuller, John Wilson) and met wonderful people, who will be life-long friends.

Paintings have been selected many times in exhibitions and achieved the 'Peoples Choice' award on many occasions. Switching between studio work as well as plein air and resin art is sometimes difficult to achieve, as each is a passion in itself.

Image: Myself painting at wonderful Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia.

oil painting image en plein air at Manukau Heads
South Island en plein air oil painting image
aerial view of ocean painting in resin

On a personal side

I am a totally self-taught artist. Being extremely fortunate in having my oil paintings purchased by many, not just from New Zealand, but also from around the world - corporate organisations as well as private residencies.

Amongst which (that I am aware of) are oil companies in Texas, a castle in Britain, a wedding in Hong Kong, corporate office in Tokyo, private home in the Hampton's, beach-front penthouse on the Gold Coast Australia, luxury liners, business office in the Cayman Islands, both USA and London solicitors, as well as large medical insurers and lawyers/solicitors in New Zealand.

Commencing my art career whilst in Australia, I started drawing animals in graphite, advancing on to animal portraits on a commission basis. After many stressful days in the corporate world (being a PA for CEO's) I decided to take up watercolour animal commissions, and from there advanced to oils.

As my commercial work was busy, there was hardly any time to spend on my art, however, I participated in the once a year Easter Show Art Awards in Auckland and sold my first piece, the next year sold two, and again the following year. After which I approached galleries.

From there, my art career commenced and have been so very fortunate in people loving my art as my paintings sold continuously via the galleries. My career as an artist commenced.



Purchasers of my art have kindly provided testimonials for me to place on my web site. As the majority of my oil paintings are sold via galleries, I am unsure as to who has purchased my art or, where my paintings reside. I am therefore appreciative of those of whom I am aware for allowing me to place online their comments and thank them for this.

  • We have a large long artwork of a pohutukawa overlooking the water and all the family love it and the way the waves come up on the shore. Colours are bright and bold and all our visitors say how much they enjoy the painting also. Thank you Jennifer.
    (P and S Morrison)

  • Thank you Jennifer. Appreciate your painting especially the colours in the mountains. When sitting and viewing it takes one to another place.
    (D Robinson)

  • Jennifer, have purchased several of your paintings. These are hanging both in the hallway and my bedroom. I have had them framed with wood and a gold fillet as an inset. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure in the viewing of them.
    (S Campbell)

  • We visited Auckland and saw your art in a gallery on the North Shore. It is of a pohutukawa on a beach. We loved it and immediately bought for our beach house. There are many pohutukawas around us and your painting when viewed seems to step us right into the view. Thank you Jennifer for your lovely art.
    (J Stokes)