Workshops - Oil Painting & Plein Air + Resin Art Sessions

2024   -    

In all painting workshops you will learn the ins and outs of the medium chosen, and be supplied with substrates. Also having use of materials to try out and be excited experimenting. Only a few are accepted in each art workshop providing almost one-on-one type tutoring.

Visit my teaching site (link below) for details regarding all oil painting and resin workshops. Sign up for the newsletter on that site and be updated as new sessions are set.

If you have any queries on these workshops please contact me via the contact page on that site via button link below.
Please, not from my site here. Thank you.

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oil painting of mountain and mist
resin sea and wave charcuterie boards
studio oil painting of mountain and  hill
resin workshop setup


oil painting of mountain and mist

Oil Painting Workshops

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Plein Air Workshops

Shattered Shapes Coaster Moulds

Design with Moulds

sea design on Charcuterie Boards

Resin Charcuterie Boards

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Have questions? Or need to contact me regarding workshops? Then please do so via the workshop link button at top of page or button below, and 'not' via this art site. Thank you.