Resin Art

I love to use colour, enjoying arranging colours with resin. This is not easy as some would think, as resin certainly has a mind of its own. There may be many layers involved and total control is not possible. Not all are exactly as wished for and many times (yes, quite a few) will need to have further coats and/or further layers of colour.

My resin art is usually of aerial views of the sea. Many paintings involve the use of special pigments and pastes made for resin, as well as metal pastes - also may include gold/silver/brass/copper in sheet form. Whilst undergoing a resin piece full face mask and protective clothing is worn with a live flame used to give special effects/look to the artwork.

Resin Wall Art & Homeware

If a commission is required, please be aware no resin artwork is able to be replicated as each is a one-off item, although similar colouring and design may be undertaken, it is virtually impossible to recreate an item exactly as another.

I hope you enjoy. Should you be interested in my paintings please contact to discuss. Thank you for viewing.

round sea resin art on board
Colour Passion pigments on stretched round canvas
Portfolio Item
red black and whites on round board
red black and whites on round board
coaster with white floral design


Resin Homeware

Inlaid flowers in resin, cheeseboards and various other items.